AGM 2022

Caroline Barker
Honor Challand
Emma Duckett
Michelle Heath
Mary Hockenhull
Cath Salt
Heather Salt

Emma Duckett

Francesca Wrigley

Ellen Dimelow

1000 MILES
Samantha Holding

1100 MILES
Samantha Holding

1500 MILES
Jane Stewart

1600 MILES
Pat Guerin

2600 MILES
Anna Collins

Lady Jayne Trophy for Best Senior Rider (donated by the Jolley Family)
Samantha Holding

Musketeer Trophy for Best Veteran Rider (donated by Jane Ridley)
Jane Stewart

Naylon Trophy for Best Veteran Horse (donated by John & Wenslie Naylon)
Jane Stewart’s “Harry”

Special thanks to Jane Ridley for organising more than 4,000 miles of rides!

AGM 2021

250 miles Sara Chidlow

500 miles Francesca Wrigley

800 miles Gail Hark

900 miles Samantha Holding

1400 miles Jane Stewart

1700 miles Rachel Rolfe

2000 miles Jude Sockett

2500 miles Anna Collins

Lady Jane Trophy
Best Senior Rider (donated by the Jolley Family)….Jane Stewart

Musketeer Trophy
Best Veteran Rider (donated by Jane Ridley)….Gail Hark

Naylon Trophy
Best Veteran Horse (donated by John and Wenslie Naylon)….“Jack” (Sue Williams)

AGM 2019

50 miles: Jenny Crowther / Wendy Webb

150 miles: Sara Chidlow

200 miles: Sara Chidlow

300 miles: Morag Marshall

400 miles: Francesca Wrigley

450 miles: Francesca Wrigley

700 miles: Gail Hark

800 miles: Samantha Holding

1300 miles: Jane Stewart

1400 miles: Sue Williams

1500 miles: Pat Guerin

1600 miles: Rachel Rolfe

The Brink Trophy donated by Sarah Emery for Best Junior Rider…..not awarded this year

The Lady Jane Trophy donated by The Jolley Family for Best Senior Rider: Sara Chidlow

The Musketeer Trophy donated by Jane Ridley for Best Veteran Rider: Gail Hark

The Naylon Trophy donated by John & Wenslie Naylon for Best Veteran Horse: Rachel Rolfe’s “Bhautika”

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